Thursday, December 30, 2004

From the wicked (in a good way…) pen of Michaelangelo Signorile:

“Since he's so confident labeling people based on outward characteristics, [Ken] Mehlman must understand why his being a 37-year-old "bachelor" who refuses to answer questions about his sexual orientation is a tip-off to many that he's a pathetic closet case…

“Surely Mehlman can't complain now that people are talking about his marital status and how he lives—right? Last week, the blogs were abuzz with stories about Mehlman, who refused to tell the Washington Blade when asked several weeks ago if he or others who worked in prominent positions in the campaign are gay. Reporters…have in recent days been popping the question to White House officials, now that Bush has chosen Mehlman to lead the RNC. They're apparently being told off the record by the White House that Mehlman is straight, and thus the reporters aren't running with anything. …

“Of course, if the White House or the RNC went on record saying Mehlman is straight, it would invite the media to study the issue further and report facts they may find to the contrary. By not saying anything, the White House keeps the topic off-limits entirely. The scared-shitless press corp wouldn't dare go there and thus be accused of invading Mehlman's privacy. And that still invites the question: What is the White House hiding, and why don't reporters see it as relevant to discuss in a year in which the Republicans gay-bashed their way to victory? “

Signorile goes on to explore the lightly bubbling panic at the RNC and republican circles about not only Mehlman, but others, like Dan Gurley, who oversaw vile, anti-gay mailings on behalf of the RNC during the election, and who was discovered recently to have been running online personal ads seeking multiple partner, bare-back sex with other men. Kid you not. This was reported on, and, which also reported that Republican Congressman David Dreier, a Bush campaign operative, had been involved in a relationship with his male chief of staff, with whom he shared a residence. No hypocrisy in the ranks, we’re sure.

The list goes on, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It puts me in mind of Dave Chappelle’s brilliant routine in which he plays a blind black man, who is a white supremacist who doesn’t know he’s black, and his friends don’t have the heart to tell him. Somebody tell these homos they’re gay, and they should take off the sheet and the hood and start walking the walk!!
My two cents worth. Nothing more.


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