Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Social Security "Crisis" My Ass…

I had planned to rif, rant, rave and foam at the mouth about the so-called Social Security Crisis that’s been invented and is being rammed down our throat by the Liar in Thief himself, but then I read Molly Ivins's syndicated column today, and realized, as usual, I couldn’t have explained it better myself, not in a million years. And she’s so much nicer about it than I would’ve been…

“Will someone explain to me what earthly good they expect to do by misleading us? …

“Resigned to the fact that Social Security will have to be dismantled because it's in such terrible, awful trouble, headed toward bankruptcy the day after tomorrow? Well, the $10 trillion in unfunded liabilities they keep talking about sure sounds like a load of trouble. Except that it's a completely phony number. Not based on what will happen in 25 years or 50 or 75, but on infinity. Forever and ever.

“President Bush says ‘the crisis is now’ and Social Security will go into the red as of 2018. Eeek, just 13 years from now -- we might actually live that long. Except... nobody else says that. The Social Security trustees, paid to be professional gloom-mongers on this subject, say it's good until 2042, and the conservative estimate by the Congressional Budget Office is 2052 -- not before Social Security goes broke, but before Social Security has to dip into its trust fund. Get a grip.”

© 2004 Creators Syndicate

As if we needed another reason to love Dolly...

Dolly Parton is refusing to comment on rumors that she slept with Burt Lancaster or her “Straight Talk” co-star James Woods. “I don’t admit or deny anything,” she told the London Guardian. “If I ain’t done something, I’m probably capable of doing it. But I never admit to certain things unless I’m caught red-handed. Now those men, if I didn’t sleep with them, I probably wanted to.”

Boy, I could get used to hearing people tell the absolute, unvarnished truth to the press, or in the alternative, just saying straight out "None of your business. Got it?" Dolly Partin just did both in the space of two sentences.

I love that brassy broad truly, madly and deeply.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Screw Virginia, where Santa Clause is probably regarded as a pedophile…

We are alerted to the following via John @ Americablog.com, and righteous indignation is called for...

It’s time Virginia felt the pinch. There really is pay-back for being a bunch of ignorant, hateful bigoted shit-bags. I’m talkin’ boycott.

From 365gay.com:

Virginia lawmakers will consider legislation to amend the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage in the new session of the legislature. Never one to be a leader, they’re lining up behing the 11 other states that beat them to it.

Another bill calls for traditional marriage to be displayed on car licenses. If passed the plates would interlocked gold wedding bands superimposed over a red heart over the legend "Traditional Marriage."

Some Democrats call the amendment repressive and unnecessary. (No shit?) Virginia already has legislation that prevents recognition of same-sex couples.

The law, passed last year, prevents the state from recognizing gay marriages, civil unions, and domestic partnerships, and blocks any "contract or other arrangement" same-sex couples may enter into.

How the hell, and in whose world, is this constitutional?!? Anybody ever hear of freedom of contract? Freedom of association? The right to privacy? Does this cover wills, leases, powers of attorney??

Beautiful countryside in Virginia. Pity I’ll never see it again. And "no more friggin' Virginia hams" is just where it begins. Not where it ends. Join me, and BOYCOTT VIRGINIA!

So confirm the bastard. What do I care?

I still can't believe the Dems have already signaled they're going to confirm Gonzales. Have they no shame? How the Dems are giving this criminal a slide is beyond me. Torture, folks. The man is an architect of the Abu Ghraib scandal, so we make him attorney general. Orwell - or Stalin - party of one?