Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wipe that Smirk Off Your Face, You Arrogant Prick…

I hope you all feel better. I know I do. The president has spoken to the nation during this time of unthinkable crisis, as southern Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, Red States all, I might add, are awash in water, devastation and despair. He arrived in Washington to address the situation at least a day later than he needed to, as usual, and gave what the New York Times described as “the worst speech of his life.”

I must admit, it was an improvement over images we’ve all seen of the president blowing out birthday candles or playing guitar while the residents of the deep south fought for their lives, but once again the president squandered an opportunity to lead, or even to show compassion in any credible way.

He spoke for a few moments from the Rose Garden about ice and blankets, and then it happened; in the face of probably thousands dead, tens or hundreds of thousands homeless and displaced, the complete loss of a major American city and the economic center of an entire region in ruins, the President of the United States gave a nation trembling with grief, exhaustion, anticipation… a smirk. That famous smirky grin familiar to the entire world was flashed and broadcast globally as he said “make no mistake, we will get through this.” [smirk/grin/bob head stupidly…]

It reminded me of the “bring it on,” or the “dead or alive,” smirks I had already seen, but it was still the same stupid, arrogant, shit-eating grin. I’m just surprised he and Rove were able to take time away from the kegger they were throwing down in the WH bowling alley celebrating new front page headlines that didn’t say anything about Cindy Sheehan or Iraq or poll numbers.

Now I want to hear Condi and the Rumettes bragging about how many schools we’re building in Tikrit, or how we’re getting electricity restored to the Sunni Triangle when there’s no electricity to 80% of the American deep south, and all the schools there have been destroyed. I say give Halliburton the contract to rebuild southern Louisiana and Mississippi, and let the Iraqis pay somebody else to rebuild theirs, using revenue earned from selling us all their oil at twice the market rate, which is probably what will happen anyway.

Those of you who read here know of my special and personal grade of grief and anguish over the devastation in Louisiana, and how in my analysis, much of the blame for the lack of preparedness and loss of natural defense to such a disaster can be laid at the feet of government and corporate malfeasance, so I won’t belabor that again. Read below for details on that.

What I will say is this: now that the President has brought his usual brand of competence and compassion to the table, I can say without reservation that we are totally on our own here. In short – we’re screwed.

What would a real leader have done? By Tuesday of this week, a real leader who deserved to hold the office of President of these United States would have been airborne over Louisiana and Mississippi seeing for himself (or herself) the damage, displacement and despair of the citizens of his country. He (or she) would have been calling forth every available resource, both military and civilian, to help evacuate, restore order, rescue the living, and bury the dead. He (or she) would not have been blowing out birthday candles, or pretending to play guitar, mugging for the cameras, while Americans living in the path of unparalleled destruction wept, begged for help, and in some cases, lay dying in the mud.

Pray for the victims of this unthinkable disaster, both human and animal. Pray for strength in the loss of everything that’s been lost. Pray for hope in the face of black despair. And pray that we will never face another day like this one without the kind of strength and leadership that we as a nation need and deserve.

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